Royal Military Academy - CASE STUDY


At a Glance

This major redevelopment of a Grade II listed building was taking place right in the heart of London. The work was highly sensitive as it involved a London ‘landmark’ building, it needed to support 330 units and it had the potential to disrupt a busy commuter route. Our team’s technical and civils capabilities came to the fore. We reinforced the network by upgrading an existing substation on site, and building a new one. We also installed over 3800m of high voltage cable from the Eltham grid substation to the site. Careful planning and close liaison with Greenwich parks and highways ensured the infrastructure installed by our team caused minimal disruption to London’s commuters. 

Our Solution

  • Major London redevelopment of a Grade II listed buildingwith 330 units 
  • 3800m HV infrastructure adopted by UKPN
  • Major off site construction work involving detailed negotiations with local authorities 
  • Cable installation along a major commuter route
  • Extensive network reinforcement 
  • Designed and constructed new substation 
  • Upgraded an existing substation on site 
  • Customer Durkan Construction.




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