East End Foods - CASE STUDY


At a Glance

The former HP Sauce site at Aston Cross in Birmingham was being redeveloped by East End Foods. The new development included creating a 100,000 sq ft wholesale cash and carry centre, a hotel and conference centre plus ultimately a 30,000 sq ft urban farm and technology centre.

The development was high profile and eagerly anticipated by the local community as it provided much needed regeneration to the area which had suffered serious job losses. Working with the customers consultants Greenway and Partners our experts assessed the current and future electricity distribution network requirements based on the plans. Our construction team then completed the diversion works and installed the LV/HV infrastructure designed to provide a new 
1300 kVA connection for the site.


  • High profile redevelopment of the HP Sauce site at Aston Cross
  • Project included hotel, conference centre and large cash and carry retail outlet
  • Solution to accommodate further site development
  • Complex diversion works to allow the enabling package to be completed
  • Provision of LV/HV infrastructure to provide 1300 kVA new connection
  • Customer East End Foods.



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